Project: Now That I See It

Status: On Hold

by dan klyn

this book is for creative people
who're paid to design someone else's
complex systems, structures and experiences.

i'm writing it primarily for web designers and developers, even though a lot of the research behind it is being conducted with architects.

regular-old-architects seem to do a better job than information architects in the schematics-and-models phase of a project. their trade is an ancient one, and they've learned some things that the digerati don't seem to be conversant with when it comes to using abstract representations of design intent to secure client buy-in and sign-off.

in my research for this book i'm looking for and sharing methodologies and practices from bricks-and-mortar architects to better protect us and our designs from that accursed moment late in a project when our clients suddenly comprehend and want to make radical changes to the key aspects of the design.

ultimately, i want to prevent and protect against that moment when a client says those dreaded five words...


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this project has been suspended due to the author's focus having been shifted to a very different kind of book. click here to learn more about The Nature of Information Architecture.