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The Resurrection

Painted by Piero della Francesca circa 1460

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Fresco, 225 cm × 200 cm

Painted in the Palazzo della Residenza in the town of Sansepolcro, and can be seen there today ↑

Sansepolcro was spared much damage during World War II when British artillery officer Tony Clarke defied orders and refused to shell the town. Prior to the war, Clarke had read Adolus Huxley's 1925 essay describing The Resurrection, which states: it stands there before us in entire and actual splendour, the greatest picture in the world.

It was later ascertained that the Germans had already retreated from the area — the bombardment had not been necessary, though Clarke had not known this when he refused the order. When the events of the episode eventually became clear, Clarke was lauded as a local hero and to this day a street in Sansepolcro bears his name


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