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"Now That I See It"

A project by Dan Klyn.

Inspired by the architect Christopher Alexander, whose practice was to set aside time each day to consider relative degrees of wholeness in things that people make, and to notice what he was noticing when a particularly strong feeling of emotion or sense of his own self was triggered by a particular thing.

My aim in choosing and spending time with these pictures is to get beyond — if I'm lucky — what M.C. Richards calls the polarity of sympathy and antipathy; to better appreciate the workings of bias and preference in aesthetic experience, and to develop a capacity for noticing what I'm noticing when these pictures do what they do to me.


Discovery and Proof of the True Cross, Piero della Francesca



•  The Resurrection, Piero della Francesca

•  The Crucified Christ between the Virgin and Saint John the Evangelist, Lorenzo Monaco

•  L'eucharistie, Nicolas Poussin

•  The Flagellation, Piero della Francesca


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